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Home window replacement is truly an art-and it’s on window replacement projects that our craftsmen’s carpentry skills really shine! Pro 1 Construction Inc. craftsmen are able to ensure that proper installation results in home windows that are weather tight, that function well, and that meet manufacturer’s specifications and warranty expectations-even in retrofit situations. With old world skill, our craftsmen are able to make planned modifications, as well as respond to construction surprises. Window replacement offers you a great way to save energy and dollars on your utility bills, beautify and update your home, reduce exterior noise and make your home more comfortable, and protect your interior furnishings.


After much research-and many window installations later-we have zeroed in on Pella, Lansing and Simonton as three of our favorite replacement windows. Though different homes or businesses may require different looks or manufacturers, and we’re happy to work with you to identify what’s best for your project, Pella, Lansing and Simonton deserve honorable mentions. All are Energy Star Partners and both have consistently provided our customers with high-quality products and services. All three , meet ENERGY STAR guidelines in all areas of the country and are among the most thermally efficient products on the market today. Welded construction with state-of-the art thermal dynamics and a wide variety of window types, these windows can be used to create both traditional and contemporary looks. As window contractors with an over 20 plus year reputation at stake, we take our selection of manufacturing partners very seriously. We look for pricing that is commensurate with quality, exceptional service, degree of innovation, and their representatives’ own product knowledge and willingness to step in when there are issues needing to be resolved quickly. After all, how else can we ensure you the best? Our craftsmen need quality windows, and quality windows need our gifted craftsmen.


Are you looking for something special? Beyond standard energy-efficient windows, there is a world of options from which to choose! Low- E 366 offers an ideal balance of solar control and high visibility and Krypton gas is six times denser than Argon. Both are great options when it comes to increasing energy efficiency. Double and triple strength window glass provides you with not only added personal security and even greater noise reduction, but also protection from that poorly aimed golf ball or baseball. Are you interested in upgraded locks, window grids, beveled glass, leaded glass or art glass? And what about the particular look of your windows? Enhance your window choice by choosing an alternative interior and/or exterior finish. The list is long and there is something to fit everyone’s tastes and budget. Discover why Pro 1 Construction Inc., is your home window replacement contractor of choice, when choosing your window contractor!


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