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Insurance Claim Filing “Tips”

  • Contact your insurance agent or company promptly. Keep a record of all contacts you have with your company. Be prepared to answer questions about the extent and severity of the damage.
  • If your home is not insured, contact your local Red Cross or FEMA Disaster Recovery Center for assistance. Disaster assistance is money or direct assistance to individuals, families, and businesses. It is meant to help you with critical expenses that cannot be covered in other ways. Call FEMA at 1-800-621-FEMA (3362).
  • Make a list of your damaged property. Photograph or videotape the damage if possible. Refer to your policy to determine the amount of personal property coverage you have. Don’t throw away damaged items until your insurance adjuster has had a chance to view them.
  • Make necessary repairs to protect your home and property from further damage. If there is partial damage to your home, take reasonable and necessary repairs to protect your home and property from further damage. Cover broken windows and holes to keep rain out. Don’t make permanent repairs until instructed by your insurance company. Keep a record of your repair expenses and save all receipts.
  • Know if you have replacement cost or actual cash value coverage. Replacement cost is what you would pay to rebuild or repair your home, based on current construction costs. Actual cash value is based on the replacement cost of the dwelling minus a deduction for depreciation. With replacement cost coverage, the company will pay you the actual cash value initially and after repairs are complete, will pay the remaining amount owed on the claim. If you have replacement cost coverage for personal property when your loss occurs, your loss will be paid on an actual cash value basis until the property is repaired or replaced.
  • Ask your insurance agent about additional living expenses (ALE) or loss of use. ALE may provide coverage for some of the expenses you incur if you are unable to live in your home because of damage from a covered peril. Most policies pay up to 20 percent of you home’s insured value. Provide your insurance company with documentation regarding your expenses. Keep your receipts. When possible, the documentation should include the vendor, date, and amount. Remember that different insurance policies may have different coverage, limits, and procedures for reimbursement.
  • Refer to your policy to know what deductible you’ll be required to pay. Most homeowners policies contain two deductibles: one for windstorm and hail losses, and one for all other losses.
  • If you hire a public insurance adjuster, make sure the public adjuster is licensed by your state’s department of insurance. Public insurance adjusters work independently and charge a fee for their services. Public insurance adjusters must disclose their fees in the written contract with you. To learn whether a public insurance adjuster is licensed, call your state’s department of insurance.
Company Name Phone Number
Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company (800) ALL-STATE
Allstate Texas Lloyds (800) 255-7828
American Mercury Lloyds Insurance Company (800) 503-3724
American Modern Home Insurance Company (800) 492-5351
(ask for sales)
American Modern Lloyds Insurance Company (800) 492-5351
(ask for sales)
American National Lloyds Insurance Company (800) 333-2860
American Reliable Insurance Company (800) 535-1333
American Risk Insurance Company Inc. (866) 274-8765
American Summit Insurance Company (800) 749-6419
AMEX Assurance Company (800) 842-3344
Amica Lloyds Of Texas (800) 242-6422
(800) 24-AMICA
Apex Lloyds Insurance Company (800) 422-1359
(254) 757-2424
(254) 757-0306 Fax
Armed Forces Insurance Exchange (800) 255-6792 (current members)
(800) 495-8234 (prospective members)
ASI Lloyds (866) 274-8765
Auto Club Indemnity Company (800) 765-0766
Balboa Insurance Group:


  • Balboa Insurance Company
  • Meritplan Insurance Company
  • Newport E & S Insurance Company
(800) 854-6115
Central Mutual Insurance Company (800) 736-7000
Chubb Lloyds Insurance Company Of Texas (800) 873-0777
check website for independent agent.
Colonial Lloyds (888) 227-5119
Columbia Lloyds Insurance Company (800) 275-6768
Cypress Texas Lloyds (888) 462-8021
Dallas National Insurance Company,
A Texas Stock Insurance Company
(800) 533-0457
Delta Lloyds Insurance Company Of Houston Texas (800) 666-2678
Electric Lloyds Of Texas (800) 227-2757
Encompass Indemnity Company Please check with
a local independent agent.
Farmers Insurance Group:


  • Texas Farmers Insurance Company
  • Farmers Insurance Exchange
  • Fire Insurance Exchange
(800) 225-0011
Federal Insurance Company (908) 903-2000
Fidelity National Title Group:


  • Fidelity National Indemnity Insurance Company
  • Fidelity National Property and Casualty Insurance Company
(800) 849-6140
Financial Casualty & Surety (800) 999-9295
Foremost Lloyds Of Texas (616) 942-3000
GeoVera Insurance Company (800) 785-2181
Hartford Lloyds Insurance Company (800) 624-5578
Homeowners of America Insurance Company (972) 607-4241 or
(866) 407-9896 toll free
Horace Mann Lloyds (800) 999-1030
IDS Property Casualty Insurance Company (800) 842-3344
Imperial Fire and Casualty Insurance Company (888) 522-8242
Liberty Mutual Group:


  • Liberty Lloyds Of Texas Insurance Company
  • Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Company
(800) 490-0233
Lincoln General Insurance Company (866) 466-8934
Metropolitan Lloyds Insurance Company Of Texas (800) 422-4272
Middle States Insurance Company (903) 938-5191
National American Insurance Company (800) 822-7802
National Lloyds Insurance (800) 749-6419
National Specialty Insurance Company (800) 877-4567
Nationwide Lloyds (800) 882-2822
Nationwide Property & Casualty Insurance Company (800) 882-2822
New Century Insurance Company (800) 328-3379
Pacific Specialty Insurance Company (800) 303-5000
Peerless Indemnity Insurance Company Please check with
a local independent agent.
Priority One Insurance Company (800) 328-3379
ProCentury Insurance Company (614) 895-2000
Property and Casualty Insurance Company of Hartford
(AARP Program)
(800) 423-4114
Ranchers & Farmers Insurance Company Please check with
a local independent agent.
Republic Lloyds (800) 344-2275
Safeco Insurance Company of Indiana Please check with
a local independent agent
or call 1-800-4Safeco
Safeco Lloyds Insurance Company Please check with
a local independent agent.
Sentinel Insurance Company, Ltd. (800) 624-5578
Southern Insurance Company (888) 786-0003
Southern Vanguard Insurance Company (713) 621-9191
Southland Lloyds Insurance Company (214) 340-9393
State Auto Property & Casualty Insurance Company (800) 444-9950
State Farm Lloyds Please check local phone book
for the nearest agent.
Texas Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company
Texas Farm Bureau Underwriters
(800) 772-6535
Travelers Home & Marine Insurance Company (866) 849-6427
U S Lloyds Insurance Company (800) 929-2424
United Fire Lloyds (866) 827-2941
Unitrin Direct Property & Casualty Insurance Co. (800) 437-8934
Unitrin Safeguard Insurance Company
(formerly Milwaukee Safeguard Ins. Co.)
Please check local phone book
for the nearest agent.
Universal North America Insurance Company (866) 958-4289
USAA Texas Lloyds Company (800) 531-8111
Wellington Insurance Company 800-880-0474
ask for personal lines


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