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Things to Consider When Selecting Exterior Doors: Each door type has benefits and drawbacks. Generally speaking, exterior doors are made of wood, fiberglass or steel. While steel doors usually cost the least and can perform well, they tend to show wear and tear much sooner than wood or fiberglass doors. Fiberglass doors stand up well, but typically do not hold up as long as wood doors. Wood doors are beautiful and stand up well across time, yet require more maintenance-and steel and fiberglass doors have more insulating value than wood doors. We say all of this not to confuse you further, but to emphasize that choosing the door that’s right for you often comes down to personal preference, budget and the specifics of your project! In most cases, after a short conversation with one of Pro 1 Construction Inc. Project Planners, it doesn’t take too long to eliminate many exterior door categories-and start zeroing in on the exterior door that meets your criteria. And there’s so much more to consider. Door surfaces are most typically small compared to siding surface areas, and much of the heating and cooling losses occur around the door itself. We believe that superior weather stripping, good glass and thresholds are what can really make the difference in the comfort and energy-efficiency of your home or office. If you want to replace or install new patio doors, choose from a gliding or hinged door type and let us add insulated glass and/or impact rated glass to make them energy efficient, safer, and more secure. Pro 1 Construction Inc., can also install high performance composite jambs and water proof composite edging to make sure your job is done right! 

Whether you are considering an energy-efficient front door, energy-efficient patio doors, or you just need a service door replaced, we can help. Pro 1 Construction Inc., is your one stop contractor for your roofing, siding, gutter, windows & doors replacement needs. We eliminate the need to coordinate amongst many different contractors and the finger pointing that can occur when multiple contractors are involved. Get your project started with the help of one of our Project Planners by contacting us today.


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